Fascia Flossing Basics

Change your tissues with Strength + Length.

Fitness trainer stretching her arms using a yoga block.

What is Fascia Flossing?!

Fascia Flossing – also known as “resistance stretching” – is a way to change your tissues from the inside out! The process of combining muscle engagement plus elongation through movement creates the “floss” of connective tissue – providing an internal exfoliation of your fascia. It is a strength and flexibility workout that leaves you feeling like you just received a deep tissue massage – while also providing you with energy and flow!

What is Fascia?

Fascia is our body’s scaffolding. It’s the tissue that connects all other tissues – think, myofascia, scar tissue, deep fascia, fuzzy fascia, lymph, gray matter, adipose tissue, and so on! Fascia is made up primarily of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin.

Much like the principle of tensegrity in architecture, fascia uses compression and tension to help us maintain our posture, stability, and movement.

Book a Fascia Flossing Social!

Host your friends for a blissful gathering including a self-flossing fascia workout, optional partner flossing for a greater manipulation of your tissues, healthy-bites, games, and botanical beverages for a feel-good time!

Minimum 4 guests, Maximum 8 guests

Inquire for pricing: mombellyfitness@gmail.com

Melissa is a certified Fascia Flossing Trainer through her Level I certification at thefloss.com.

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