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Empowered Movement For Moms

Customized training for you, mama. Sign up today!

  • 4, 8, or 12 personalized training sessions
  • Transform your core, pelvic floor, & posture
    in less than 12 weeks with Corrective Exercise, Breath-work, Strength, and Flexibility Training
  • Your path toward better posture, pain-free movement, and a stronger core and pelvic floor.

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Personalized Training

Work with Melissa one-on-one to meet your specific training needs:

  • Pregnancy & Labor Training
  • New-Mom Recovery Training
  • Preconception Training
  • Fascia Fitness
  • Breath-Mechanics Training
  • Movement Coaching for Moms, Grandmothers, and Caretakers


Empowering movement solutions for moms, at your pace.


The Ultimate Wellness Party Experience!

Private Fascia Flossing Session

Pamper yourself with a private fascia flossing session that feels like a workout and a massage all-in-one. Fascia Flossing is known use to improve posture, alignment, and overall well-being.

Wellness Session

A nervous system reset for the mind and body. Each session features essential oils and mood-relaxing botanicals.

Mom Belly Fitness uses a whole-body approach to functional training that is designed to support women who intend to conceive, birth, and care for children.

This customized training approach features core and pelvic-floor-focused exercises and movement patterns that empower the maternal woman in whatever stage she finds herself on her journey through motherhood. 

All movements, programming, and exercises are designed with a woman’s body, emotions, and lifestyle in mind.


“This program got me excited about being active again.”

“I didn’t expect this, but sex is so much better!”

“This has been a game changer!”

“It relieved hip/pelvic floor-related pain I had been managing for years and helped me relearn my body.”

Realigned Mama Participants

“I’m so grateful for you… NO LOWER BACK PAIN… NO NECK PAIN… NO KNEE PAIN… Sincerely. I’m SO f***ing excited!”

Mom of 3
Postpartum Fitness Trainer helping woman keep her hips level in a glute bridge.

“I’ve learned more about my body in the last few months than I have in the last forty years. I can move without pain, know how to correctly breathe when exercising (anyone else forever hold their breath?), my pelvic floor is stronger, I sleep better and I’ve just noticed a lot of little changes that make big difference.”

Mom of 3

“Love this trainer! Love these results! Love that it’s customized for me even though I’m 19 years postpartum!”

Mother of 4 and grandmother of 3

Been doing pelvic and belly breathing exercises since basically right after birth and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! This has been the soonest I’ve ever felt like I actually have bladder control post-birth. Your explanation of the exercises was a serious game changer, because clearly they work!!

Whitney B.
Mom of 3

Working with Melissa was critical to my mental and physical health while I prepared for delivery and then recovered. Learning belly breathing was a game changer for my labor. With each contraction I breathed in using my belly which made the contractions totally bearable.

Mary E.
Mom of 1

I feel like I can actually breathe…[I] have better posture, too… [Incontinence & Pelvic Pressure] is non-existent after our first session.

Mom of 2

My main concern as I get back into my fitness routine is prolapsing… After just one session, I feel I have some important tools to keep that from happening

Mom of 1 & post-hysterectomy

About Your Trainer

Melissa Ellis prides herself in providing moms and moms-to-be fitness foundations and functional core training to optimize a nurturing environment to help baby thrive in the womb and Earth-side.

Her goal is to help mamas continue doing the physical activities they enjoy most – throughout pregnancy and motherhood.

Trainer adjusting woman in a glute bridge pose


Passionate to serve women and moms


Knowledgeable, intuitive, and informative


A calm, stress-free, and trusting environment for all women.

Grounded & Fresh

Consistent training methods with a fresh perspective at every session and eagerness to always learn and imrpove.