Mom Belly Personalized Training

4, 8, or 12-Sessions – Virtual or In-Person:

Phase 1: Muscle Assessment & Rebalance
Phase 2: Core & Mobility Training
Phase 3: Whole-Body Functional Training

Work with Melissa one-on-one to meet your specific training needs.

One-on-One Perks

  • 1-Hour Virtual or In-Person Training Sessions
  • In-between training session chats, messaging, calls, and support
  • Detailed training notes to follow during solo training sessions
  • Free/Discounted access to online membership throughout duration of your training  – Coming Soon!
  • Nutrition tips and guidance, as requested
  • Pregnant and New Moms: Spontaneous chat/video sessions for any of your movement needs


Pregnancy & Labor Training

I’m here to help you navigate the physical challenges of pregnancy and laboring a baby along with the unknowns of pregnancy and postpartum movement and how to exercise safely, avoid pregnancy-related injury, and reduce stress while nurturing your growing baby. Together, we will work through the highs, lows, and discomforts of pregnancy and how to prepare for the open-ended expectations that come with labor & delivery.

New Mom Reconnection

Learn how to reconnect to your core and pelvic floor immediately after birthing your baby. I am here to help you to move safely in your new postpartum body – within hours of delivery! My coaching will help you reconnect to the muscles that are now shifting back to their pre-pregnancy state. Together, we’ll figure out your movement and reconnection needs based on your pregnancy and birthing experience. Please keep in mind, this is not an exercise program – the New Mom Reconnection program is all about reconnection and healing! Please inquire for more details and special pricing.

Postpartum and Motherhood Training

If you found me after you’ve delivered your babies – no matter how long it’s been –  together, let’s figure out what we can do to eliminate any aches or discomforts that affect your daily activities. A comprehensive movement assessment will help us discover how we can put you back on the path of empowered movement and physical activity to be the best functioning version of yourself that you can be. Through my corrective exercise and core rebalancing program, you’ll train your body to easily keep up with your growing baby, child, teenager, or grandchildren!

Preconception Training

If you have discovered Mom Belly Fitness while planning for a pregnancy, let’s work to map out your muscles and strengthen and empower your body to create and grow life.

Photo Credit: Laura Weigel Photography

Fascia Manipulation And Breathwork

Unlock and access your core, pelvic floor, and musculoskeletal system like never before! All of my programs will include guided fascia and breath exploration to help you connect to your body in a way you’ve never felt before! Depending on your current perinatal or pregnant status, we’ll adjust the level of fascia work to fit your current needs throughout your custom program.

Photo Credit: Laura Weigel Photography


  • Virtual Training: 4, 8, or 12 sessions – Starting at $340
  • In-Person Training: 4, 8, or 12 sessions – Starting at $440
  • As a result of House Bill 8, the state of Kentucky will require MBF to charge 6% sales tax on specific services provided beginning January 1, 2023.
  • Ask about payment plans.
  • Birth-Workers discount available.