Pelvic Floor Workshop

Host a pelvic floor workshop for your next fitness event! 

Level 1: This beginner-level workshop will will be your roadmap to gain a better understanding of your pelvic floor muscles and their function along with why these muscles might not be doing their job. After this workshop you’ll understand what causes urine leakage and pelvic floor stress and what you can do to reduce these issues and regain control over your pelvic floor. Together, we’ll create an action plan to help you gain better access to your pelvic floor and begin reducing or potentially eliminating urinary incontinence and discomfort, so you can get back to jumping for joy next time you sneeze without leaking! 

Level 2: Now that you’ve got a basic understanding of your pelvic floor muscles, lets dive a little deeper into this tangled web of muscles! In this workshop, we’ll refine your pelvic floor roadmap to see if and how it has changed since you first started exploring these muscles. We’ll get a little more personal and find out what specific challenges your pelvic floor muscles are facing and what areas you need to focus on as you add pelvic floor training to your daily life. 


Contact for pricing. Minimum of 10 participants.