Pamper yourself with a Private Fascia Refresh session that feels like a workout and a massage all-in-one.

This private session will feature various movement and mobility techniques including, Fascia Flossing™, nerve flossing, fascia tapping, and integrative breath-work. These practices are known to improve posture, alignment and mobility, relieve aches and pains, and enhance overall well-being by gently exfoliating your connective tissue and cleaning out any dense, hardened scar tissue.

Recipients can expect to feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and more mobile at the end of each session.

In-person sessions are a combination of self-flossing and hands-on, assisted stretching, where you can expect to penetrate the deeper layers of your connective tissue.

Due to the nature of the digital experience, virtual sessions are a guided self-flossing working.


1 hour session:

  • In-Person: $125
  • Virtual: $85


  • In-Person: $600
  • Virtual: $400

Sale Pricing: $100 off a 5-pack – Available3/24/24 through 3/29/24! – Mention ‘BIRTHDAY SALE’ upon booking!

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