Homemade Chunky Guacamole


  • 2 organic avocados, peeled & pitted
  • 1 TBSP red onion
  • 1 TBSP favorite salsa (I like the fresh pico de gallo from Trader Joe’s or their organic garlic salsa)
  • 1 clove garlic, crushed
  • 2 TBSP Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Seasoning
  • 1 lime wedge
  • salt and pepper to taste
Bowl of guacamole and avocado halves.

Put the pitted avocado halves in a bowl and mash until mostly smooth, but still a little chunky. Mix in the remaining ingredients except the lime. Once blended, squeeze the lime juice and mix in. Serve with your favorite chips or veggie sticks. My favorite chips for dipping are Siete Cassava Tortilla Chips!

Sometimes I’ll add pistachio nuts or chopped apples to give it a fun crunch and festive taste!