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Movement solutions designed with you in mind, mom.

Feel your best while living the life you desire.

Your path toward better posture, pain-free movement, and a stronger core and pelvic floor.

Transform your core, pelvic floor, & posture in just a few weeks with Corrective Exercise, Breathwork, Functional Strength Training, and Myofascia Restoration.

In-Person & Virtual personal training designed just for you. Choose from 4, 8, or 12 sessions. On-Demand Training included.
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Move better, feel amazing! Seeking all moms for a journey toward better movement and overall well-being. Next Group Training: 7/1/24

Empowering movement solutions so you can live the life you desire – and feel your best, on your schedule!

Mom Belly Fitness uses a whole-body approach to functional training that is designed to support women who intend to conceive, birth, and care for children.

This customized training approach features core and pelvic-floor-focused exercises and movement patterns that empower the maternal woman in whatever stage she finds herself on her journey through motherhood. 

All movements, programming, and exercises are designed with a woman’s body, emotions, and lifestyle in mind.

Postpartum Fitness Trainer helping woman keep her hips level in a glute bridge.


“I’ve learned more about my body in the last few months than I have in the last forty years. I can move without pain, know how to correctly breathe when exercising (anyone else forever hold their breath?), my pelvic floor is stronger, I sleep better and I’ve just noticed a lot of little changes that make big difference.”

Rebecca, Mom of 3

“I’m so grateful for you… NO LOWER BACK PAIN… NO NECK PAIN… NO KNEE PAIN… Sincerely. I’m SO f***ing excited!”

Erica B, Mom of 3

“Working with Melissa was critical to my mental and physical health while I prepared for delivery and then recovered. Learning belly breathing was a game changer for my labor. With each contraction I breathed in using my belly which made the contractions totally bearable.”

Mary, Mom of 1

“Love this trainer! Love these results! Love that it’s customized for me even though I’m 19 years postpartum!”

Suzy, Mother of 4 and Grandmother of 3

“I feel like I can actually breathe…[I] have better posture, too… [Incontinence & Pelvic Pressure] is non-existent after our first session.”

Kelly, Mom of 2

“My main concern as I get back into my fitness routine is prolapsing… After just one session, I feel I have some important tools to keep that from happening.”

Laura, Mom of 1, Post-Hysterectomy

Realigned Mama Testimonials

“This program got me excited about being active again.”

“I didn’t expect this, but sex is so much better!”

Realigned Mama Participants

“This has been a game changer!”

“It relieved hip/pelvic floor-related pain I had been managing for years and helped me relearn my body.”

Realigned Mama Participants

Meet Your Trainer

Melissa Ellis prides herself in providing moms and moms-to-be fitness foundations and functional core training to optimize a nurturing environment to help baby thrive in the womb and Earth-side.

Her goal is to help mamas continue doing the physical activities they enjoy most – throughout pregnancy and motherhood.


Committed to serving women and moms with knowledgeable and practical information using standard training techniques with a progressive edge and keen intuition in a calm, stress-free, and trusting environment.